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MABBIT COMMUNICATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is made up of 3 elements which broadly comprises of Marketing, Advertising and PR activities. To start with

As we all can see, due to the changing market conditions, customer needs and increasing competition it has become very important for every businessman to market their product  and services constantly in order to retain  it in the minds of their Target Audience  and ensure that whatever promotion activities are done in past will not work for the future. Mabbit’s Marketing Management techniques are purely practical, based on the level, timing and composition of customers demand and need and also adhere to the changing market trends and techniques, thus achieving customer satisfaction.

  Advertising to Mabbit is not just done to influence general public to buy a particular product or service through various means of media but mainly it’s about doing it effectively to yield the desired results. Advertisements occupy a significant role in today’s market scenario where advertisements also called brand building has become an important aspect for every brand whether already existing or  a new arrival in the market. The reason which implies here is also the growing competition threat.

PR: Mabbit communications ensures creation of effective pr strategies aimed at image building in the market to achieve business goals. It is only after a vigorous market research and analysis, clear defining of company’s objectives and identifying its people both internal and external, we derive a complete set of strategies for a PR campaign and make the best choice for the most apt strategy or tactics to meet the objectives of our client.
  Market Research and Analysis  
  Media Planning  
  Creative Campaign Production  
  Media Buying / Selling  
  Public Relations  
  Guerrilla Marketing  
  Event Management  

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